Saturday, January 30, 2010


First and foremost I'd like to give a shout out to my bro Jeff because I'm on his laptop and well sometimes peeps deserve a shout out now and then.

So I just had an amazing weekend full of joy and...joyness. Me, Delta, Jeff, and Robin all went t Disneyland, the most magical place on earth.

I think we should start at the end and move backwards. Tonight we took a tram from the park to our hotel and as we got out in my sheer exhaustion, and also because of the awesomeness of the driver, I said "Merry Christmas." Now if this was near the end of December that'd be nothing special but well it's the end of January and can't really apply.

All day long was spend going from ride to ride; Matterhorn, Finding Nemo supmarine, Indiana Jones, and a few others. What sticks out to me is when I was able to step into a Sci-Fi short story and see an actual bonafide robot. His name is A.S.I.M.O. I forget what it stands for but he's amazing.

Standing about 3 and half feet tall, weighing 140 bounds, walks a little 2 miles per hour, can run about 5 miles per hour this mechanical wonder is the 1st generation of many humanoid robots that can and will change the way we look at science.

Asimo may have had some peprogramming but most of his responses seemed to be a reacation to his surroundings. When he came out on stage I felt like the little boy on "A Christmas Story" when he gets his bee-bee gun. I was so gidy I'm almost embarrassed, but I'd like you look at one of your dreams come true and not feel the same way =). He walked on and waved to the crowd and they turned on a camera and displayed what he was seeing and projected it on a T.V. so we could see what he saw. When the crowd waved we saw the he registered a few individuals and was able to wave at them back. Then the guy on stage went to talking more and I waved again, this time on the screen I was highlighted with a red square and the robot waved. That's right 20 years of study and experiments, more money than my parents house, maybe even their whole block is worth, WAVED AT ME!! Again the giddy thing is coming back up =). Oh man it was awesome.

The previous day we wend on some more rides; Screamer, Star Tours, and others all of which were awesome and fun. But just like today there is one moment that sticks out more than the others. This is the conquering of Splash Mountain. So when I was a lad my family came to Disneyland and went on a lot of rides. One of which was Splash Mountain. I wanted to brave it but at some point in time I chickened out and went with my mom to some bears that I've never heard of house or what ever and watched them dance. I was quite bored with it and have regretted not going on the ride.

Now I'm a grown man and fear nothing so of course I can do a 50 foot fall on a roller coaster right. Of course I can and I did. The part worth mentioning is the fall. We go through the ride. Songs I've never heard and characters I've never seen are all around and I'm kinda bored and thinking, this is what I was afraid of. So we get to the drop and I put my hands in the air ready to accept my fate and face my fears. With a smile on my face we start going over the top and start to fall. At this point in time I say to myself. "Holy crap I'm falling!" and quickly put my arms down and crab hold of the bars in front of me and then the fall is over and I'm left a little abashed. Luckily the picture was taken as I was taking my hands down and my face just looks board, it just missed the sheer terror that was gripping my heart by a second or less.

We ate at a few different places in the park and to our pleasure it's not as over priced as we had been led to believe, don't get me wrong it was still over priced but so is California.

And before that I was in Utah or on my way here.


Jeff said...

I'm glad you had fun. It's been a great experience and it's been awesome to have you and Delta along with us.

Robyn said...

It wouldn't have been the same without the two of you. I'm glad you got to see your "dream" wave at you and you conquered Splash Mountain. The trip is defiantly a memorable one for all who went.